Jules’s Jukebox: December

Yes, December is already upon us. And no, this is not a post about holiday music. Songs about December exist despite the holidays. As we enter the month of “best of the year” lists, I thought I’d pay homage to the month itself as it appears in song.

Today’s jukebox selections (we get a triple play today):

“December” by Collective Soul

This is one of my favorite songs from Collective Soul. The bitter tone is reflected in the treachery, vanity, and doubt in a relationship that has moved into its winter season, its December.

“…December promise you gave unto me
December whispers of treachery
December clouds are now covering me
December songs no longer I sing…”

“My December” by Linkin Park

Yet another song using the season/month as a symbol of the coldness of a barren winter of a dying/dead relationship. Where Collective Soul’s song was great mainstream pop/rock radio fodder in the 90s, this song is a ballad with sadness and regret hanging in its air.

“…This is my December
This is me alone
And I
Just wish that
I didn’t feel
Like there was
Something I missed
And I
Take back all
The things I said
To make you
Feel like that…”

Bonus Song:

“Lego House” by Ed Sheeran

No, December isn’t in the title, but it is in the song. And this song is the opposite of the other songs in that the speaker in the song is protecting his love from the storms of December. And yes, that’s Rupert Grint (more famously known as Ronald Weasley in the Harry Potter movies) in the video.

“…And it’s dark in a cold December, but I’ve got ya to keep me warm
And if you’re broken I’ll mend ya
And keep you sheltered from the storm that’s raging on now…”

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