Jules’s Jukebox: Duran Duran–Then and Now

At Thanksgiving Dinner this evening, Cousin Marie and I reminisced about music from our high school days. We giggled about being Duranies. She saw them in concert last year; I missed them because I went to see AC/DC that same week. I lamented that I had to choose just one of them to see as I would have loved watching Simon Le Bon and the Wild Boys. DD is one of the few groups from my high school days still making music that I’m willing to buy. So tonight’s jukebox tunes feature the first of their songs to strike my fancy and a more recent song to grace my playlist.

The first song comes from the band’s breakthrough album Rio. While “Girls on Film” (from their self titled 1981 album) rotated heavily on MTV, “Hungry Like the Wolf” hit the airwaves with the same tenacity. “Rio” and “Save a Prayer” soon followed. But “Hungry Like the Wolf” became the first DD song I ever owned. To this day, it is still my favorite song of theirs–and I love many of them.

Two of their albums earned constant play that has remained to this day: Big Thing and The Wedding Album (aka Duran Duran self titled #2). Both are albums that I play all the way through. Big Thing‘s moodiness and The Wedding Album‘s lamentations echoed the Gen X mindset of the late 80s & early 90s. By the time the band hit the aughts, they had adopted wholeheartedly a synthpop/EDM vibe that has kept them relevant. By the 10s, DD was working with funk and EDM maestros like Nile Rodgers and Ferry Corsten. “All You Need Is Now” from the album of the same now captures their modern sound.


And now all I have to do is make sure to buy myself tickets next time they visit SoCal.

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