Jules’s Jukebox: Oasis

My brother is a huge Beatles fan, so it only makes sense that he too is an Oasis fan, as Oasis’s lore so closely and openly connects to the Fab Four. When the documentary Oasis: Supersonic opened this past month, we attended. I knew enough about the band to know that the Gallagher brothers had a famously volatile relationship. The film shed light on the duo with some entertaining, laugh out loud moments, but it was also a bittersweet testament to a bygone pre-iPhone era. The film brought so many 90s memories flooding back for me in the days of my 20s and my brick-sized mobile phone.

The nostalgia of it all really hit me despite the fact that I’ve never been all that reminiscent. I always liked the band’s music, but nowadays I listen to so much EDM that I really haven’t revisited the 90s much on my playlists. So earlier this month, when I launched a recap of the music of my childhood–more to pay homage to my late mother who nurtured my love of music–I forced myself down an intentionally reflective road that started with the Beatles moving into the 70s. When I reached the early 80s–my junior high years–it only seemed a logical step to leap into the 90s at some point. Just follow the years, right?

Eh, not so much. I started rearranging playlists to include a more eclectic mix of 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s into my EDM standards. But my brother forced my hand on the 90s a bit early. I just can’t get my favorite Oasis tunes out of my head. Team Gallagher wins the playlist lotto this week. My thumb drive is getting a complete overhaul Gallagher style. So today’s double twofer plays four earlier Oasis hits from their 1994 album Definitely Maybe, complete with references to Yellow Submarine and all.

“Supersonic” by Oasis

“Live Forever” by Oasis (I think this is the first song of their I ever heard. I loved it then, and I love it now.)

“Rock n Roll Star” by Oasis

“Bring It on Down” by Oasis

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