Jules’s Jukebox: 1982

1982-83 was a turning point for me musically–I went to sleep at night to the radio; I woke up to the radio; I listened to the radio and my cassettes everywhere I went. My friends and I would pass huge lists of musical artists back and forth between classes so we’d know what to listen to when we got out of school. At this point it wasn’t just my Mom’s musical influence guiding me, it was more and more my own choices. In 1982, I also started attending concerts. I saw J. Geils Band on their Freeze Frame tour, Queen on their Hot Space tour, Billy Squier on his Emotions in Motion tour, Ted Nugent on his Nugent tour, and a host of others. Big songs on this year’s list leaned more to rock rather than the New Wave of the prior two years, but the airwaves echoed some great songs that have stood the test of time, like Joan Jett’s “I Love Rock n Roll” and “Crimson and Clover” hitting the charts, and former Genesis frontman, Peter Gabriel striking gold with “Shock the Monkey.” The band Asia featuring artists from 70s prog rock bands (Carl Palmer from Emerson, Lake, and Palmer; Geoff Downes from Yes and the Buggles; Steve Howe from Yes, and John Wetton from King Crimson) hit the charts for the first time with “Heat of the Moment.”

My jukebox picks today reach back to this year of rock for a little fun:

“(Oh) Pretty Woman” by Van Halen from their album Diver Down, a fantastic hard cover of Roy Orbison’s classic. This fun video version includes the intro music “Intruder.”

“Jenny (867-5309)” by Tommy Tutone, the song that spurned a host of prank phone calls and bathroom graffiti, is another that still frequents my playlists despite its stalkerish hero lamenting his unrequited love for Jenny.


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