Jules’s Jukebox: 1978

Even though I loved music from a young age, it seems my own taste really started to develop about age 10. My mother’s influence on my musical tastes was strong, but she always encouraged me in what I liked–even being in love with Hardy Boy Shaun Cassidy. She took me to see him concert and she was so disappointed that the we little kids couldn’t see over the teenagers who had rushed the stage. But I still heard all of my favorite songs from his album Born Late. In my high school years, I was almost embarrassed to admit that I went to that concert. I saw it as a school girl teen beat crush. But not all of the music that I loved from that year fit into that bubblegum pop category.

At this point, Mom was heavy into disco. Songs from Saturday Night Fever constantly played along side Donna Summer and Taste of Honey. I also loved the rock scene at the time. Kansas’s “Dust in the Wind” was a favorite of mine, along with Foreigner’s “Hot Blooded.” And Queen’s classic “We Will Rock You/We Are the Champions” was played at just about every sporting event in the country. Picking one song from 1978 is impossible. So I’ve picked three that stand out in my memories, so enjoy:

“Kiss You All Over” by Exile

This video cracks me up today because lead singer JP Pennington looks like actor Kevin Durand with long hair. It’s hard not to smile on the inside looking at late 70s production values on early music videos.

“Love Is Like Oxygen” by Sweet

This is Sweet’s last top 10 hit. My other favorite from them is 1973’s “Ballroom Blitz,” which has a little harder edge to it than this more disco-ish song and was remade by Krokus in 1984.

“Do Ya’ Think I’m Sexy” by Rod Stewart

By 1978 Rod Stewart was no stranger to rock music. This disco/rock classic made sexy look easy. And Stewart had hair better than most women of the day. Having seen Stewart in concert during my college days, I have to admit the man is pure entertainment.

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