Election Day: Anticipation, Pins, Needles, and Late Night


Election Day has finally arrived. Tomorrow we will awake to a new president and new path forward for our nation. The stress and anticipation leading into this day has worked its way to a fever pitch as the evening wanes and vote counts trickle in. At this moment, nine states are too close to call and we are an hour and half away from the polls closing here locally. The jubilation of having an early winner is growing into tense waiting. It’s time to settle in for the long haul and remember that I’m lucky to live in a country where I have enfranchisement.

I’ve grown weary of this extended campaign season, one filled with more nastiness than I can remember in my lifetime. Elections always feature some dirt and smears, but the intense ugliness of this campaign cycle at all levels of government has taken an emotional toll on our divided country. Whoever wins tonight’s election will have his/her work cut out trying to unify this country where hate groups have gone mainstream and minority groups work to organize.

I have no words of wisdom to offer on either presidential candidate. I have no advice to offer on the 17 propositions turning my election guide into a college textbook in thickness. I have nothing to offer as politics has become such a toxic topic to so many of my family, friends, and acquaintances. I’ve done all the evangelizing that I can do. All I know, is that I may wake up tomorrow feeling worse than hungover. And my butterflies flutter with those of many worldwide–the Dow is down 500 points as rural America looks to pull a “Brexit.”

I can only hope to update this post with a better feeling–one in which feel enfranchised is not the only highlight.

Update: It doesn’t look like America is ready for strong women yet. They prefer a misogynist with no experience to give White America the SCOTUS for at least another generation. DJT did not run on a message of unity. I do not expect him to reach out and attempt to unify our nation, only to amplify our divisions to serve his own purposes. It’s going to be a long four years. And I hope it is only 4.  Oh, and now the Dow is down over 700, and many of the markets have shut down in crash mode. Thanks, America. I’ll never be able to retire now. I keep looking for a silver lining–and is the fact that Americans like to shoot from the hip and take risks and blaze new trails and not play it safe and dare to go where others dare not to go…but the direction of these new trails worry me greatly.





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