Jules’s Jukebox: Camelot

Many Americans tend to think of John F. Kennedy when the word “Camelot” comes up, rather than the titular Broadway musical or movie. My brother and I always think of Richard Harris and Vanessa Redgrave as Arthur and Guinevere in the Lerner and Lowe classic film adaptation. Mom had a crush on Franco Nero and every time the movie would come on the TV, it was an occasion in our household. Between those occasions, Mom would play the soundtrack ad nauseum. While I liked most of the songs, show tunes weren’t quite the same as what we heard on the radio in the car. When I grew into adulthood, I came to appreciate the musical much more than in childhood. I would flirt with Camelot in my junior high years when Blondie released a version of “Follow Me,” but once I started teaching Arthurian literature, I fell in love with the May Day scene and the mocking of Lancelot’s lack of humility.

“Lusty Month of May” by Lerner and Lowe, sung by Vanessa Redgrave

“Follow Me” by Blondie, from AutoAmerican


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