Jules’s Jukebox: The Beatles (B-Sides)

The Soundtrack of My Youth is so rich with great music from an eclectic mix of artists, so this will be the last Beatles post (this month at least…lol) Even though I could fill a whole month and more with just the music of the Beatles, but there are so many great songs out there connected to so many memories. Yesterday’s focus was that special first favorite song, so today I’m going in a different direction–when I’ve heard that 45 over and over again, it’s time to flip it over and give that B-Side a listen.

The Beatles were known for having B-sides that shot to the top of the charts and/or influenced entire genres of music. One of my early B-Side faves was “Day Tripper,”the B-Side to “We Can Work It Out,” but my favorite B-Side has to be “Revolution #9” on the flip side of “Hey Jude.” So today’s Jukebox features two songs.


This 50 year old piece of history hides away in a dusty box along with a small group of Capitol & Apple 45s bearing the Beatles’ greatest hits. They patiently wait for me to buy another turntable (mine recently died).

“Day Tripper” by the Beatles

“Revolution #9” by the Beatles

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