Jules’s Jukebox: The Beatles

The first song I remember being my favorite song. The first song that I connect to a time and place and emotions and memories. The first song that I learned the lyrics. The first record I learned to play without my mother’s help. All at the age of four.

The Beatles hold a special place in my heart because they were my first favorite band. I loved playing my mom’s old 45s. I could choose a host of Beatles’ songs this month on my journey through songs of my youth, but “She Loves You” stands out because it was the first. And the first is always special.

The Beatles released their final album when I was two years-old, but their music has touched my life in so many ways. I passed the Beatles torch to my son by taking him to see Sir Paul McCartney in concert at Dodger Stadium a couple of years ago. The guitar Paul plays in this video made multiple appearances with him on stage that night–fifty years after he last played Dodger Stadium. I hope my son will pass  the same with his children.

“She Loves You” by The Beatles


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