OU students, faculty makes their voices heard while trying to figure out ‘Why did this happen?’

“People are presented with a chance to make this a teaching moment.” Indeed. I commend those at the University for joining in a much needed dialogue about “TOLERANCE” and its meaning–and when a line has been crossed into acquiescence. While tolerance by definition means that we are accepting of diversity in the marketplace of ideas (including racial, religious, gender, and cultural ideas), it does not mean that we are accepting of hate speech that solicits violence or that we are accepting of ideas that are harmful to others. We could also argue that the SAE chant didn’t harm others, but by feeding into long-held, deep-seated discriminatory behaviors it becomes so. Let’s take this moment to reflect and be thankful to the students who choose the path of nonviolent resistance to such boorishness.

As Common and John Legend sing in their Academy Award-winning song, “Glory”, “Freedom is like religion in us.” One’s speech should not take another’s freedom, life, liberty, or pursuit of happiness. We can no longer tolerate “Jim Crowe under a bald eagle.” Let’s take the time to learn from the actions of these young men and women rather than just act out in outrage, but work to change nothing.


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NORMAN, Okla. — In response to the video of SAE’s racist chant, hundreds of students marched from the OU Huffman Fitness Center to the former SAE fraternity house Tuesday. They chanted “Not on our campus!” while holding a banner that had their fingerprints imprinted on the paper.

A dialogue of racism has opened up in Norman. Some are responding with hate, others with silent solidarity. We took a look at what some say could be the root of racist chants in 2015.

NewsChannel 4 stood near the OU campus with one question, “Why do you think it happened?”

“Drunk, date party,” one student said.

“They hear other people being racist, they think that they have to conform to the group,” another student said.

“It’s 2015, I don’t understand why would happen. I don’t know,” another student said.

Most people won’t understand why these chants corrupted on an OU SAE bus.

“If, in…

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