10 signs you should be at TEDActive next March

I’m curious if anyone has attended this TEDActive before and has experiences to share…

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TEDActive-signs-main A bonus of TEDActive? It’s held in stunning Whistler, BC. Photo: Bret Hartman/TED

TEDActive is for the thinkers, doers and dreamers of the world. An action-packed event that runs parallel to the annual TED conference, TEDActive is meant for people who want to hear new ideas — then create ripple effects of action around them.

TEDActive 2015 will take place March 16-20 in Whistler, British Columbia, and explore the theme “Truth and Dare.” Never attended before? On the fence? Not sure how you feel about Canada? Here are 10 signs that you should apply to attend TEDActive this year:

  1. You love brainstorms. The act of sharing ideas, piggybacking on what others say and considering multiple points of view? That’s what you thrive on. At TEDActive, you’ll find brainstorm sessions — both organized and informal — on topics that range from education interventions to the future of transportation.
  2. When you…

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