Hadley’s Monstrously Deceptive Mailer Draws Criticism from throughout the South Bay


I have already written on this mailer and others that Hadley has put out in attempts to “swift boat” Al Muratsuchi in this heated race to represent the people of Assembly District 66.

I make no bones about supporting Al Muratsuchi, the real champion on education. While Hadley smears teachers in his mailers, he also refuses to meet with local teacher leaders because the California Teachers Association granted Al “friendly incumbent” status and support him for re-election. Hadley has made it clear that teachers do not have a place at his table. He has publicly said he would not have restored the $10 billion dollars in funds cut from education because it is wasted on paying teachers rather than being spent on kids. All I can say to that kind of logic is how grossly ill-informed it is. Spending money on teachers to lower class size is spending money on the kids. Yet Hadley continues to smear Muratsuchi and local teachers with his erroneous and toxic hit pieces.


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