10 reasons that teaching is tough (but enjoyable)

Teaching also means advocating for the profession, even though it is constantly under attack and teachers are told daily what “protected for life” failures they are. It means being willing to stand up to that policy making bully who thinks they know more about a profession in which they never entered. It means trying to remember on a daily basis why you do what you do, even when those you work with make it virtually unbearable and your brain is so tired you can barely think. It means never giving up on yourself, your profession, your students, and your experiences.

Many thanks to Caitlin for a thoughtful piece about what the inside of a classroom looks like.


By Caitlin Kelly


I’m now halfway through my first semester teaching at Pratt Institute, a small private college in Brooklyn focused on art, writing and design. My two classes, writing and blogging, one with 12 freshmen and the latter with four seniors. are going well and I’m loving the experience.

Pratt's library -- with one of the many sculptures dotting the campusPratt’s library — with one of the many sculptures dotting the campus

But it’s a marathon.

When I stepped back into those two classrooms, I hadn’t taught in 20 years. I’d read everything I could about millennials, and arrived fearful of finding a room filled with entitlement and attention spans lasting mere seconds — a challenge with a two-hour class.

Here’s a sobering and powerful insight into how tough it is to be a student!

For any thoughtful teacher, it’s a cringe-making look from the students’ seats, and gave me a lot to think about.

From the Washington Post

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