Indiana: Aide to Former Superintendent Tony Bennett Involved in New Scandal

Diane Ravitch's blog

Tony Bennett, once the State Commissioner of Education in Indiana, then defeated by Glenda Ritz in 2012, then appointed as State Commissioner of Florida, then resigned after news broke that the state grades were manipulated to favor a charter school owned by one of Bennett’s major campaign contributors. After the scores were adjusted, the charter’s grade miraculously rose from a C to an A.

Bennett was leader of Jeb Bush’s “Chiefs for Change” and an outspoken advocate for the Common Core.

Now there is more scandal in the wake of Bennett’s Indiana tenure in office. One of his top aides has been questioned about his dealings with Cisco, for whom he worked before and after he worked for Tony Bennett.

AP reporter Tom LoBianco, who broke the original story about Tony Bennett and grade-rigging, wrote:

“A former top Indiana education official’s role in the sale of $1.7 million worth…

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