Big Oil Attacks Assemblyman Muratsuchi, Backs Opponent

Protecting the environment is a big deal in the South Bay–an area that attracts tourists in droves to its beautiful beaches. Assemblyman Al Muratsuchi (AD 66) has been the ultimate environmental friend while balancing that eco-friendliness with the needs of growing small business opportunities. That is why his re-election fight against Big Oil funded David Hadley is so crucial.

Hermosa Beach has been fighting Big Oil for most of my 17 years in the South Bay. These environmental activists have organized over the past few years to “Keep Hermosa Hermosa” by fighting to stop oil drilling in Hermosa Beach. Now Assemblyman Muratsuchi’s opponent has aligned himself with Big Oil despite the ever growing number of stakeholders in his community that oppose it. And now those Big Oil folks are attacking Al.

David Allgood posts on his ecovote blog, “Big Oil’s going all in for Hadley, but of course voters in AD 66 wouldn’t know it. If Big Oil ever disclosed who they were, nobody would ever support their candidate. That’s why they have fake, pleasant-sounding front groups like the California Driver’s Alliance, Californians for Jobs and a Strong Economy, and the Senior Advocates League. Of course, the only drivers, jobs, and seniors they’re advocating for are their executives’. Voters should expect to see their ads attacking Al on the airwaves, in mailboxes, and online. But they must not be fooled by their deception.” 

All I know is that Hadley has launched a multi-pronged, exceptionally negative string of misleading attacks on Assemblyman Muratsuchi. I will cover some of his more egregious misrepresentations in a separate post pertaining to Al’s exceptional record on Education.



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