Peter Greene Deconstructs Think Tankers’ Ideas About Teacher Evaluation

Diane Ravitch's blog

Peter Greene here evaluates a report by two analysts at Bellwether Education, a DC think tank, about how teachers should be evaluated. His post is a model of how to tear apart and utterly demolish the musings of people far removed from the classroom about how things ought to work.

He begins by situating its sponsor:

“I am fascinated by the concept of think tank papers, because they are so fancy in presentation, but so fanceless in content. I mean, heck– all I need to do is give myself a slick name and put any one of these blog posts into a fancy pdf format with some professional looking graphic swoops, and I would be releasing a paper every day.

“Bellwether Education, a thinky tank with connections to the standards-loving side of the conservative reformster world, has just released a paper on the state of teacher evaluation in the US…

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