Why can’t women just use the other 16 contraception methods not mentioned in Hobby Lobby ruling?

Thanks to the Good Doctor for explaining in layman’s terms what many of us have been saying all along about the IUD’s , Plan B, and Ella contraceptives mentioned in the Hobby Lobby case.

Dr. Jen Gunter


I get asked this question a lot.

It gets tweeted, posted on my blog, and I am asked in person.

Sometimes people are really genuine. I understand everyone doesn’t have the same medical background, and so for some it is a legitimate question.

Sometimes the tone is snide. I’m not sure of the agenda then. Sometimes it’s religion. Sometimes it’s the idea that someone should be forced to pay for someone else’s contraception. Sometimes I just don’t know.

So here goes. Once and for all:

Women shouldn’t have their birth control options restricted. Period. By any one. Anywhere. Any time.

Women shouldn’t have the most effective option restricted. No method of birth control is more effective that the two IUDs available in the United States. This is especially important when you consider the teenagers who are also on the health plan in question. Teenagers have the highest contraception failure rate…

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