SC, Choose OK, Not FL: Failing Students with Failed Policy

This is so spot on! We need to move beyond the corporate agenda and get back to doing what research tells us is best for kids. That’s why in CA we need a state superintendent like Tom Torlakson, who is a teacher who listens to teachers and works with teachers, rather than Marshall Tuck, a charter school czar under Former Mayor Villaragosa who is a financier rather than a teacher. Education policy should be driven by the professionals and other stakeholders who research it and live it everyday.

radical eyes for equity

What do third-grade retention policies based on reading tests, charter schools, tracking, and parental choice have in common?

First, across the U.S., they all have a great deal of public and political support.

Second, the research base on all of these policies (among many other popular policies) have shown repeatedly that they do more to fail students than to achieve any of the lofty goals advocates claim.

My home state of South Carolina is a typical example of how education policy not grounded in the evidence continues to fail students again and again. For example, charter schools advocacy remains robust and deeply misleading:

We know that choice in education changes lives. We must work together to develop a culture in South Carolina that values education — from our families to funding at the State House. All students deserve access to a high-quality education regardless of…

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