The Work We Can Trust: A Blog about Formative Assessment in English Writing

The Work We Can Trust: A Blog about Formative Assessment in English Writing

Formative Assessment is the bread and butter of daily teaching. It allows for us teachers to “form”ulate whether students are grasping the central skills and concepts or whether we need to reteach before moving to the summative assessment that show the summation of the students developing skills concepts from the unit. I have noticed with the implementation of common core standards, we are being asked to record and use our formative assessments assessments in a different manner. Whereas before, summative scores (typically end of unit tests or essays or projects) were the basis of whether the kids “got” it, more emphasis is now being placed on the formative assessments and the collection of data from them. Effective teachers use evidence from formative assessments daily to inform instruction, but now we are taking to a whole new level–a level that asks us to own the content material even when we haven’t been given ample time to explore, collaborate, or develop lessons aligned to the needs of the students. I do hope to see a step toward more, rather than less quality teacher collaboration time. Thanks to Scott for a wonderfully useful post explaining how he and his colleagues owned the standards and developed useful formative tools for the classroom. 


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