How Tracking Student Data Improves Teaching Practices

Elementary teachers have long been using “standards based” report cards. I’ve also contemplated moving in that direction in the past couple of years, especially now that we have common core anchor standards from which to work and build. I also have a bloom’s chart on my board (though mine isn’t as pretty as yours) that is very helpful in explaining what we are going to be learning and the methods for achieving those goals. Thanks for showing how you tackled the issue and gave students ownership of their success.

Higher Order Teaching


Guest Post: Holly Walsh, Common Core Resources Associate, The Achievement Network

Holly is a former teacher and now works as a Common Core Resources Associate at The Achievement Network. She is also a Teach for America alumna and Corps Member Adviser at TFA’s teacher training Institute where she led instructional sessions on the why and how to start tracking classroom data. Read on to learn how she did it!

My first semester as a teacher was… well, exhausting. It was certainly exciting and challenging (and many other things, too) but the bottom line was that I was tired. When I heard about student data tracking practices (in this case, meaning students would individually keep track of their progress in class), I was excited to give it a try, but I felt like I just could not add one more thing to my schedule or management load. I decided to…

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