Georgia moves to new evaluation system for teachers, principals

Georgia moves to new evaluation system for teachers, principals.

I am saddened to hear that yet another state  links teacher evaluation to student test scores. The state must like making teaching as much a pressure cooker as possible relying on the scores from one test that students are not invested in to determine their worth and future employment. This is nothing more than letting principals off the hook from being in classrooms and mentoring and supporting teachers. It’s no wonder Georgia pulled out of PARCC and stuck with its current tests. While I support leaving PARCC under these circumstances for the sake of teachers who will now work in a punitive system that favors some more than others (think the AP teacher versus the at-risk class teacher), this action by the state has not been shown to be effective in creating a “better” teaching corps. Linking teacher evaluations to students’ standardized test scores is essentially pandering to a political base for a political purpose rather than looking for real “reform”(not Rhee-style Reform).


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