Alaska GOP lawmaker denounces contraception

Alaska GOP lawmaker denounces contraception

I’m having difficulty in following Alaska State Senator Kelly’s logic on this one. His idea that birth control is “for people who don’t necessarily want to act responsibly” misses the point of birth control all along (to have some choice and control and responsibility in with whom and when one reproduces). His remarks prompted memes across the internet that focused more on his antiquated and slut-shaming views regarding contraception rather than his original intent to deal with a very real issue in Alaska–a staggering number of infants suffering from Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. His solution of the state paying to put pregnancy tests in bars across the state, but not barrier method contraceptive devices, he contends will prompt women to choose not to binge drink while pregnant. Research shows that FAS is the result of women who drink more than 8 drinks per week,  or is most problematic in women with alcohol dependency. Unfortunately, his comments supporting his bill to lower FAS do not deal with alcoholism, its treatment or education/prevention. He made this argument all about identifying pregnancy instead of finding a proactive solution to preventing the pregnancy that could result FAS. 

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