Drying Up the Delta from the Los Angeles Times

Drying Up the Delta from the Los Angeles Times

This article sheds some much needed light on the politics of water in a state that is suffering severe drought while being home to 39 million people–roughly one of every eight Americans lives in California. The state is also home to crops, that if lost, would cripple the American food chain (see: http://www.motherjones.com/environment/2014/02/wheres-californias-water-going for more information). California farmers have been at the forefront of a movement to use water in the most efficient ways possible during these drought conditions. It seems that we have at last become victims of our own inability to conserve. The lack of want in our culture, while providing a level of comfort for all, has also led to a culture rife with entitlement. We are so busy being told how exceptional we are, that we no longer strive to be exceptional. Access to fresh water should be a core human right, that unfortunately we still have to fight for. The politics of water, the capitalistic profiteering on water, the lack of conservation of water, the pollution of water are all issues that we must address.


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