This about sums up the online experiences I’ve had–particularly the “can I spoil you?” line. I like this exercise–I may even attempt to use this exercise myself or with my creative writing class.

Prose and Other Musings


Welcome to online dating!  Time to create your profile…

First, a little about you:

Um. Hello.  I’m a writer…which sounds unemployed...  I work as a technical writer, and I write short stories and screenplays do creative writing in my free time.  I’m a bookworm, I love authors like Hemingway, Kerouac, Tolstoy… I also read a lot.

My favorite types of music are jazz and swing.  I also love classical and opera… yeah, that’s gonna go over well.

I’m a pretty good cook, and I love to try out new recipes but most of the time I just wing it, but it usually works out… usually.

I loveenjoy really enjoy traveling.  I used to tour with a drum and bugle corps… basically a semi-pro marching band, well, sort of like a marching band, but not exactly… I’ve been on many road trips.  In the next year or two I’m…

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