Jason Stanford: “Divergent” is a Major New Film about Testing Abuse

I like the connection to testing abuse in Divergent–to let one test determine the path of your entire life, to punish those whose test results show divergence from the norm, to force us all into one neat little box doing exactly what we are told to do.

Georgia SchoolWatch

Testing is rapidly becoming radioactive. No one lies it, yet Congress can’t bring itself to drive a stake through the withered lifeless heart of NCLB, nor call a halt to Race to the Top’s promotion of even more testing.

Jason Stanford says a new film called “Divergent” shows how standardized testing is harming students, determining their future, and inspiring rebellions against it. It will debut on March 21.

He writes:

“Because of its resourceful and tough female protagonist, Divergent will draw comparisons to The Hunger Games franchise. But the popular Jennifer Lawrence movies are all about income inequality and poverty whereas the new film, based on the 2012 bestseller by Veronica Roth, questions whether our children can still determine their own futures.

“The central feature of Divergent is that children are given aptitude tests that sort them by virtues, sometimes separating them from their families. These sorting tests are nothing…

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