Pearson’s Vision for the World

Georgia SchoolWatch

Mercedes Schneider recently directed the blogosphere’s attention to a Pearson paper from February of 2014, “Impacts of the Digital Ocean on Education.” If you’re wondering just what Pearson (and by extension, the various government bodies that they own) envisions for our collective future, this document sheds plenty of light.

There are 44 pages, and I’m not going to address them all at once for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is that the document is exceptionally depressing. Let’s just look at the front end today.

The intro page lists the actual authors (we’ll get to them another day), a paragraph “About Pearson” (“the world’s leading learning company”) and an introduction to the series. “Sir Michael Barber, on behalf of Pearson, is commissioning a series of independent, open, and practical publications containing new ideas and evidence about what works in education.”  Since both authors of this paper work…

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