Reading For Growth. Reading For You.

While my school has a Sustained Silent Reading period each school day, it is under utilized by teachers, especially teachers who a) don’t read regularly themselves or b) don’t teach literature/reading. Even though research supports providing time for students to read literature of their own choice, the part of the equation that is often left out is ensuring that students have access to quality high interest texts at a variety of reading levels. One does not have to remain a “bad” reader. One just merely has to have the courage to read books that are of the appropriate subject matter and reading difficulty level. Then one will improve and flourish with reading. Then the books become an extension of one’s arm, an extension carried everywhere one may travel. The TV may even be turned off at night. Or the bedside lamp turned on. We do indeed change, learn, adapt, and evolve.

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Reading for Growth. Reading for You-2. “Anyone who says they have only one life to live must not know how to read a book.”

When the times are changing, we learn, we adapt, we evolve. The transition inevitably brings in change; sometimes welcome, sometimes not. What matters is clinging on to enough passion and spirit to make oneself a reasoned and respected individual.
“Reading is food for the mind.” This concise yet thoughtfully precise statement sums up the qualitative growth that the eagerness to learn adds to your character. There are numerous positives that one can reap out of engulfing yourself in the need to read. Here are a few fruitful and sometimes unnoticed benefits:
• Sharpened memorising and retaining skills, concentration and focus.
• Better understanding of cultures, societies and places. Thus knowledge of various races, customs and traditions.
• Researchers have pointed to a drastic drop of nearly 68% in stress levels.

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