A Dangerous Intersection: The Corner of Law and Education

Common Core can be a good thing if done correctly. Regardless, we need to move away from high stakes testing–especially when the goal is to de-fund districts, destroy public trust in education, and demoralize educators. Public education is the great equalizer so we need to return to finding adequacy and equity in funding.

Schools of Thought Hudson Valley, NY

Whether they know it or not, New Yorkers are currently embroiled in education battles on multiple fronts.

The rollout of the Common Core and the growing reliance on testing has parents, students and educators butting heads with the New York State Department of Education in the court of public opinion.

Simultaneously, the New York State Association of Small City School Districts, New York State United Teachers and several school superintendents are readying themselves for three legal battles, any one of which could have serious consequences for New York students and taxpayers.

According to Dr. Rick Timbs, executive director of the Statewide School Finance Consortium, the fights are linked. “State government wants more from schools while simultaneously denying funds,” says Timbs.

The following article by Susan Arbetter provides a look at the three legal showdowns in order of when they will arise.

The law firms mentioned herein might be a resource…

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