International Labour Day

In Solidarity!


I bet that most Americans are not aware that May Day is one of our most misunderstood, unappreciated holidays. Not only has the true meaning of the day honoring workers been sanitized and moved, but other, unofficial proclamations have been invented to cover up and divert attention from the political and labor related meaning of the day.

LabourDay-FarmWorkersGovernment, corporate leaders, mainstream union leaders, and the mainstream media have been successful in obscuring the significant history of May Day and Labour Day. You’ll notice that the spelling of Labour is not the U.S. version. That’s because it is not an officially sanctioned holiday in this nation. In the U.S., May First is considered to be “Law Day”. In some circles, today is more cynically called “Loyalty Day”. In North America, Labor Day has been shuffled into September, a day lacking historical significance.

If we consider ourselves members of the working class…

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