Does Education Kill Creativity?

I love TedTalks.

Artsy Impressions by Valerie

Inspirational video by Sir Ken Robinson… teachers notice!

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2 thoughts on “Does Education Kill Creativity?

  1. I remember someone had sent me this video. I think that at younger ages, school teaches creativity but the older you get, the more it just reinforces getting a sensible stable job instead of nurturing our creative side.

    • I agree that cretivity is often stifled in upper grades, and honestly as kids become more autonomous and self-aware, creativity tanjs a bit as well–as kids become less willing to step outside their comfort zone. But I could honestly see doing this experiment in a high school chemistry class in a controlled environment that reinforces safety and respect for the chemicals with which you work. I also think such an experiment could reinforce the concept that many of our household products, like the toilet cleaner used, should be properly stored. Most of us pay no attention to the chemicals we use at home, or the reaction they may have w other substances. That could be the essential question posed w the student product being to devise an experiment testing the safety of home cleaning products. That inspires creativity and something practical and something I’m sure standards could support.

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